We work hard to bring you beautifully printed well made products.

These buttons are the perfect fit for something both print and promotional. Featuring standard pin-back buttons, magnets, bottle openers, mirror compacts, and keychain / zipper pulls. There's sure to be something that will help take your brand to the next level.


  • We have the normal pin-back buttons which are the standard buttons you can pin to apparel, guitar straps, purses, just about any fabric.
    Good for any business or organization.

  • Magnetic buttons are great for refrigerators, file cabinets, and any surface that a magnet will stick to.
    Good for businesses that offer take out and delivery, organizations that hold events or fundraise, businesses, and businesses-to-business marketing.

  • Bottle openers with magnetic backing make great gifts and stick easy to a refrigerator. Right where you need it when opening a bottle and thinking about what's on the button and where they got it.
    Good for destinations, as a nostalgic item, any business or organization. A variety of all ages beverages use pry-off bottle caps.

  • Mirror compacts are slim and easy to keep in a purse, handbag, or makeup bag. How valuable would it be to have an item that's a keepsake toted around in daily life with your message showing to everyone around when being used?
    Good for any business or organization that caters to people who use hand mirrors.

  • Keychains / Zipper Pulls have a small clip on the backside.
    Good for bands and companies printing on zippered jackets that want to add an additional layer to the standard zipper and make their piece more custom. Good for keychains for destinations, as a nostalgic item, any business or organization.

We also have Hair Bands, Round Bottle Openers with Lanyards, Shoelace Ornaments, Square / Rectangle Buttons, and Square / Rectangle magnets. The pricing for these items is available upon request. 

Production: digital xerographic printing with hand and automatic machine pressing. Each button is checked for quality.