People Over Invoices

We try to stay competitive with everything we do. The race is long and we want our customers with us for the long haul. That comes with building a relationship that consists of trust, honesty, and respect; while maintaining clear communication of what we can both expect from each other.

Sometimes price matching won't work for us, but it means a lot that you'd ask. It means that you want to work with us over someone else, and that's pretty sweet of you. While it's not too often others beat our price, we can normally price match and we will anytime we can. If it doesn't work, we'll let you know so you can move forward with your project.

We wouldn't have the amazing customer retention we have without building our business on the belief of people over invoices. Regardless if you're one of the first dozen customers that keep coming back or someone new; we want you to know that your value goes beyond monetary. While cash-flow is important in any business, working together to leverage our capabilities and what we can offer each other is possibly invaluable. We believe that the more you grow, the more we grow.

From price matching to being late on an invoice, just let us know what you need so we can work with you.

Quality, Color, and Service Guarantee

We believe the best things happen when customers are satisfied. That's why we're always looking to exceed expectations. Our goal is to mix the perfect potion of service, quality, and pricing.

We aren't perfect, but we give it our best shot! We're happy to print a sample before running any order. If you want to make changes to your document after a first sample, we can make another sample until it's perfect. We want to work with you just as much as you want to work with us, let us know how we can better serve you.

GUARANTEE: If you approve a physical proof and your finished product is different beyond the allowable color shift and image placement shift we will replace or refund your order up to $100. Credit maybe applied to orders valued both above and below $100.

Our color difference can very between -/+ 15% and we don't offer color matching on most products. We are able to color match on 1 & 2 color offset print jobs and most wide format print jobs. If you need a color matched, let us know and we'll try to find the best solution that works with your requirements, timeline, and budget.

We do everything we can do be on-time. We try to work with every customers deadlines as orders come in and respond to requests as quickly as possible. It's very important to include your deadline in your initial inquire so we can let you know if we're able to meet your deadline or offer a recommendation. We've all seen the memes about paper jams and the infamous Office Space scene with the printer smashing. Just because our printers are really big, doesn't mean we don't get some of the same issues, sometimes even on a larger scale. Luckily we have a network of printers both in-house, locally, and nationally which can quickly mitigate production hiccups.

Things happen and we can't always take 100% liability for things like weather and shipping delays, power outages, printing malfunctions, or any unplanned interruptions. What we can guarantee is that we'll do our best. If we mess something up, we'll make it right. If we notice something funny, we like to be ahead of it and bring it to your attention for review as soon as we notice.

If you have an issue with your order, bring it to our attention right away so we can quickly review and remedy an effective solution.

Templates & Design Tips

Templates make things easy. We created some templates so you can know what to expect from bleed space, cut lines, and safe areas.

All graphics should be 300 resolution or vector with fonts embedded. The color profile should be saved as CMYK and the extension PDF. It not, we can try to work with it.

Bleed is important so we aren't trying to cut too close to your image and end up cutting off important text or graphics. The background should extend all the way to the edge of the file on all four sides to ensure the finished product is trimmed down just right with no white space cracking out of any of the edges.

Cut lines are good to get a general idea of how the size is going to come out but try to avoid designs made to work with a specific cut line as the spacing and cut line can shift slightly from sheet to sheet.

Try to keep borders and text inside the safe area. Borders can be tough for any printmaker, even those million dollar machines are within 1/10" of an inch just like us. We'll always do our best; but when we cut in a stack, each sheet may be printed in a slightly different position in any direction. Make it double sided and you double the amount of space the image can float. In general, the naked eye will never notice. But if you put borders right at the cut line it will stick out like a sore thumb.

Backgrounds on a copier should be gradient or textured. There are a lot of moving parts in a copier and offset press. Some lines can naturally show up vertically or horizontally in prints with large patches of solid color. We'd be happy to do a test print if you'd like to see how your design will print.


Don't see something you're looking for?
Have other questions for us?
Let us know and we can email you back with it.

Branding Guidelines

We take branding seriously, both ours and yours!

If your design is PG and you'd like to include our logo or name on your print, please follow these guidelines.

"Flower City Printmakers" should remain with a capital letter in title case for each word with a single space between each word and all but the first letters in each word should remain lowercase. Printmakers shall be typed as one word and always in plural form.

The font should be "Share" or any Sans-Serif font with bold lettering. Colors in either all solid black or all solid white when typed. The color of the font should be whichever contrasts best with the background. Sans-Serif means the ends of each letter don't have extended features.

The logo is available upon request. At which time it may not be manipulated, stretched, or skewed in any transformation. The background maybe white or cream but no other color.
The logo should only be printed in color. If printed in black and white, only use the text version as referenced above.

Our indicia is a small distinguishing feature that can be printed as small as 1" x 0.5" which displays that the item has been Printed with love by Flower City Printmakers, MADE IN USA, and printed on sustainably resourced materials.