Branding Guidelines

We take branding seriously, both ours and yours!

If your design is PG and you'd like to include our logo or name on your print, please follow these guidelines.

"Flower City Printmakers" should remain with a capital letter in title case for each word with a single space between each word and all but the first letters in each word should remain lowercase. Printmakers shall be typed as one word and always in plural form.

The font should be "Share" or any Sans-Serif font with bold lettering. Colors in either all solid black or all solid white when typed. The color of the font should be whichever contrasts best with the background. Sans-Serif means the ends of each letter don't have extended features.

The logo is available upon request. At which time it may not be manipulated, stretched, or skewed in any transformation. The background maybe white or cream but no other color.
The logo should only be printed in color. If printed in black and white, only use the text version as referenced above.

Our indicia is a small distinguishing feature that can be printed as small as 1" x 0.5" which displays that the item has been Printed with love by Flower City Printmakers, MADE IN USA, and printed on sustainably resourced materials.