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We've been printing for over a decade. We've figured out the best papers for our machines that produce fantastic printing results and are eco friendly too.

A majority of our printing is done on our Konica Minolta Accuriopress c2060, which is a top-of-the-line production copier. This production copier is about 9' long and weighs about half a ton. The quality is top notch, resolution and colors are stunning, energy star certified, built with recycled materials and more environmentally friendly wax based toner.

Our team is made up entirely of artists. We love printmaking and we love when the pigment kisses the paper perfectly, even when it's just copies. We do everything we can to be environmentally friendly, we recycle all of our scraps and facilitate tools to reduce waste. We strive for perfection, if your order isn't quite right, email us and let us know.

Our plain paper, eco friendly

65# Cover Stock, fsc certified, this paper is about half way between card stock and plain paper. Roughly 3x thicker than plain paper and no coatings.

80# Semi-Gloss Cover Stock, fsc certified, this paper is about 4x thicker than plain paper. This is our favorite stock for posters and presentations.

100# Card Stock, fsc certified, our house card stock, about 5x thicker than plain paper. No coating. Real light tooth to it makes details and textures come out excelent. We use this for everything from postcards to art prints. 

120# Semi-Gloss Card Stock, fsc certified, just about 6x thicker than plain paper. This stock is a lot like the 80# Semi-Gloss but its card stock best friend. Our thickest most impressive stock.

100# Card Stock - 100% Recycled 

Indoor Uncoated Stickers, these stickers are great for labeling things. really meant for indoors, if you use them outside, they will fall apart almost right away. Perfect for product labels, laptop, guitar case, things like that should be perfectly fine. the weight of these is 60# so it's about 3x thicker than a plain piece of paper.

Indoor Gloss Stickers, exactly the same as the indoor uncoated stickers but with a gloss coating. Although shiny, still not good for outside use.

Outdoor Non-Laminated Stickers, these stickers are great for outdoor use if you want them to last 6-24 months. No coating or lamination on them, feeling is smooth. These are the same thickness as the indoor stickers.