I bet on my business and I bet on myself everyday. I stand in support of our work at Flower City Printmakers because how we conduct business is different. If we have had the chance to meet personally, you already know that I also bet on my customers. I believe investing time in them and creating relationships is a huge reason why we've continued to grow.

We try to stay competitive with everything we do. The race is long and we want our customers with us for the long haul. That comes with building a relationship that consists of trust, honesty, and respect; while maintaining clear communication of what we can both expect from each other.

Sometimes price matching won't work for us, but it means a lot when you ask. If you do, it means that you want to work with us over someone else. That’s a huge compliment. While it's not too often others beat our price, we can normally price match and we will anytime we can. If it doesn't work, we'll let you know so you can move forward with your project.

We wouldn't have the amazing customer retention we have without building our business on the belief of people over invoices. Regardless if you're one of the first dozen customers that keep coming back or someone new; we want you to know that your value goes beyond profit. While cash-flow is important in any business, working together to leverage our capabilities and what we can offer each other is possibly invaluable. We believe that the more you grow, the more we grow.

We're lucky to have you. From price matching to a late payment on an invoice, new quotes, or ideas that just seem crazy at first; just let us know what you need so we can work with you.

- Josh Snider
Owner / Operator